Child Support

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If a couple separates or divorces, a non custodial parent may be ordered to pay the custodial parent a portion of their income as child support payments. In the state of Texas, child support payments are typically required to be made until the child turns eighteen years old or graduates from high school. Every case and situation is different. For advice on your particular case, it is best to consult with an expert child support lawyer.

What Happens When One Fails to Pay Child Support

There are steps that may be taken should the non custodial parent fail to pay or falls behind on child support payments. These enforcement actions may include:

  • Jail time for non payment
  • Wage withholding- the deduction of payment from a paycheck
  • Collection from state or federal sources (tax refunds, etc.)
  • Filing liens against assets
  • Filing a lawsuit against non custodial parent

As experienced family law attorneys, we will ensure you receive a child support order in the proper amount that is due to you. In the event that circumstances change since the original support order, Nikki Hudman can also assist you in requesting a child support modification.

To receive a child support amount that is appropriate and due to you, it is best to work with experienced family law attorneys. Nikki Hudman has years of experience fighting for Austin families with child support cases. If you need assistance with child support payment orders, contact Nikki Hudman today.

Calculating How Much to Pay in Child Support

Statutory guidelines determine the amount of child support a parent is obligated to pay in the state of Texas. The income of the non custodial parent, number of children before the court, and the children the non custodial parent has a legal duty to support also are taken into account when deciding child support payments. The guidelines are built to protect the interests of the child but can often be contested. The amount awarded can be affected by evidence about the specific needs of the child, amount of time spent parenting, and other applicable evidence. Deviation from set guidelines can result in a greater amount of child support awarded.

Obtaining the correct amount of child support can be complicated process depending on the case and the family’s situation. Nikki Hudman will help you through this time and help you get the appropriate amount of child support for you and family. If you and your family needs a child support attorney in Austin, TX today, contact Nikki Hudman to get started on your case.

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