Collaborative Law

Is Collaborative Law Right For You? Consult your Austin Collaborative Law Attorney

Couples who wish to separate amicably may find the traditional divorce process intimidating. Depending on you and your spouse’s situation, your attorney might recommend collaborative law as an alternative cost efficient ways to achieve the same goals as divorce without the expensive litigation process.

Collaborative law transpires when both former spouses sign an agreement to not go to court for their divorce proceedings. To achieve the goals of divorce but skip the ferocious divorce litigation process, spouses can opt to split the cost of professionals helping both sides. For those former spouses that merely want to move forward, this is a great way to maintain respect for one another while getting the divorce process taken care of. As a collaborative law lawyer, Nikki Hudman can give Austin citizens expert advice and expertise if they determine collaborative law is right for them.

Collaborative Law Pros and Cons

Some potential advantages connected to collaborative law are that the family’s financial records are not disclosed on public court records and that both parties typically hold up their agreements since they worked so diligently to negotiate them. That being said, some potential disadvantages associated with collaborative law are that if an agreement cannot be reached, both parties have to find new counsel and then formally go to court and those former spouses that feel like they have unequal bargaining power in the collaborative law process may view collaborative law as an unrealistic and unfair process to pursue. For the right pair of former spouses, collaborative law can be a spectacular way to achieve the goals of divorce for a fraction of the cost. However, if the conflict between the former spouses is too hostile, collaborative law may not be the best option to pursue to accomplish the goal of successfully completing divorce proceedings.

As a complicated family law matter, Austin residents are advised to consult with an expert collaborative law lawyer on their specific situation.

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