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Financial obligations and custodial responsibilities will be taken into consideration when it comes to maintenance orders. Parties who are both responsible for children or are going through a divorce should be prepared to speak about these matters. In the event that personal circumstances change during the divorce process, orders may need modification based on each party’s obligations.

Austin residents who are in need of a modification should seek the help of a modification attorney to guide them through the potential changes and legal process to make sure that they are receiving the most appropriate order for their situation.

Spousal Support Modification

Those who have gone through a significant change to their personal circumstances such as a disability or job loss, it may be appropriate to request a modification to his or her order. Again, it would be in a party’s best interest to talk through these changes with a modification lawyer to find out if these changes warrant a modification. However, the courts, depending on the situation, can reduce spousal support payments a party is obligated to make or cancel the responsibility altogether.

Custody Order Modification

If a child’s custody situation with one parent has undergone a significant change, a party can request that their child custody order be modified. Though a custody modification lawyer’s counsel is most certainly needed to talk through these potential changes, the courts can grant the other parent or another relative the rights to the child’s custody if they are found to be more capable of providing for the child’s needs.

Child Support Modification

In the event that a non custodial parent ordered to make child support payments is no longer able to financially provide support, a modification request can be made. Depending on the altered circumstances, the courts can increase the payments one parent must make and decrease financial responsibility by the other parent. Seeking advice from a modification attorney is best when needing to determine changes to a specific order.

Austin parents who are in need of a modification can contact Nikki Hudman to talk about their situation and the most appropriate course of action.

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