Pet Custody

Austin, Texas Pet Custody Lawyer

Many pet lovers consider their pets a part of their family and some even think of them as children. Though this might be the case, determining custody is an entirely different process for pets than it is for children. It is in a party’s best interests to write down who will have custody of a pet written in premarital, cohabitation, or partition agreement. Similarly, it is also to helpful to have ownership papers of your pet.

In the case of pet custody, a court judge will take into consideration written legal documents that specifically outlines ownership should the relationship end, if the pet is separate property or community property, if community property the roles and responsibilities each party took in the care of the pet. For help regarding a pet custody case, Nikki Hudman is an experienced pet custody attorney and ready to help Austin residents with their case.

How a Court Will Determine Pet Custody

The courts will determine if the pet is community property, separate property, acquired before or after the relationship, or a gift. If your pet is found community property, the courts and judges will determine who is better able to care for the pet, its needs, and who would be able to care for the pet in the long term. An expert pet custody lawyer can help you through the custody process. Additionally, judges will also take into consideration:

  • Has there been an instance where the pet been neglected by either party?
  • Who has played the role of the primary caretaker?
  • If children have close relationship with the pets, how will they have access to the pets. The party in custody of children will usually be awarded custody of pets.
  • Who has been providing the pet with its daily needs?
  • What do work and travel schedules look like for each party?

Nikki Hudman recognizes that this is a difficult time for most pet owners. Austin residents in need of pet custody lawyer services can be sure to receive expert legal advice and assistance through this potentially confusing legal process.

How Courts Handle Pet Visitation

Unlike children, the courts do not grant visitation rights when it comes to pet custody cases. If parties have agreed to visitations or cohabitation agreement, however, a judge will more likely enforce this.

In the case of multiple pets, depending on circumstances, pets may be divided between two parties. Pet custody attorneys will give you advice in the case of multiple pets.

Get Help From an Austin Pet Custody Attorney

A judge will determine the custody of a pet, it would be in the party’s best interest to have a legal agreement to maintain custody of a beloved pet in the event a relationship ends. Keeping proof that a pet was gifted to only one person as evidence that is separate property would also assist parties in maintaining custody.

If you are seeking help in pet custody in Austin, contact Nikki Hudman today. We will hard to make sure that you and your beloved pets are together for years to come. Call us today at 512-827-8529.