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Divorce and other family matters can get complex and you and your family need expert advice to help you get through the legal process. These matters can be sensitive for you and your family and often require more careful representation than other types of cases. As your divorce attorney, we are dedicated in helping you navigate any case whether it be divorce, child custody, child support, or modification.

We are committed to helping Austin families face what seems like a daunting legal process and provide you with honest advice and expert professional legal representation.

Nikki Hudman is a Board Certified Austin divorce lawyer and we operate exclusively in family law and we will do our best to represent you and your family and keep your best interests in the forefront. Aside from expert divorce services, we also provide the following services:

We Provide Divorce Attorney Services to Austin Families

Divorce is a complicated legal process and should be sought if the couple is absolutely certain that their marriage is irreparable. The process can be painful and, depending on the circumstances, expensive. Seeking expertise from a divorce lawyer is not only important when initiating a divorce but also during the decision making process. Divorce attorneys are capable of providing necessary information on the process and the requirements of the legal process you and your spouse will have to go through and help you decide if divorce is the best course of action.

If after consulting with a divorce lawyer you and your spouse are still settled on divorce, there are some considerations to be made.

Is Mediation, Settlement, or a Trial Right For You?

There are some cases where legal matters can be resolved via mediation, without having to go to court. These options are available to you and we recommend them as options to avoid the stress, complication, and expense that often come with a trial. In cases where an agreement cannot be made by both parties, Nikki Hudman will fight for your best interests.

For Your Important Family Matters, Choose The Law Office of Nikki Hudman

We will represent your family and your interests with the care and professionalism. We are dedicated to helping Austin families get through complicated family legal proceedings and minimize the time and money you have to spend on unnecessary legal fees. As your family and divorce lawyer, Nikki Hudman will be open and honest with you and your family about costs and issues that come up for your case. We will assist you in making the best and most informed choices in pursuit of your case.

Contact the Law Office of Nikki Hudman today to work with a professional Austin divorce lawyer and learn more about the services we offer and about how we can help you and your family