Child Custody

Austin Child Custody Lawyer, Nikki Hudman

Child custody is a very important realm of family law. Parents care about their children and emotions can run high and disagreements can ensue over how children should be raised. For sensitive child custody matter, who you choose as your attorney to represent you and your family’s interests are of the utmost importance.

Nikki Hudman understands that as parents, our children are the most important. We will work to understand your needs and concerns and work with you so that we may best represent your interests. When you work with Nikki Hudman, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with an Austin child custody lawyer and that your issues are well understood and represented.

Texas Child Custody Modification

In the state of Texas, parties must prove that circumstances have changed significantly in order for a child custody order to be modified. Family courts have the authority to modify custody orders as well as visitation rights at any time.

Needs change as time goes on. Children grow up and parents’ circumstances change. People change jobs, move homes, move to new cities. Unfortunate cases such as a parent developing an alcohol or drug dependency, becoming violent, or placing a child in a dangerous situation can also happen. An order may have been appropriate for a family’s situation at one time but can need revision depending on circumstances that have happened since. In these instances, a party should seek child custody modification to account for the changes that have occurred. Talk to a child custody attorney to get help about whether changes in your family’s situation need a child custody modification.

Need to Obtain or Modify Your Child Custody Order?

Contact Nikki Hudman today if you need a child custody or modification lawyer in Austin. We understand that child custody is a sensitive topic and fraught with emotion that can lead to disputes. Nikki Hudman will work very hard and use her skills and insight to settle a case in the best interests of her clients. In the event that an amicable agreement cannot be made, we are ready to go to trial and fight for your case.

We will provide you with our expertise and skill and we will do our best to navigate you through the legal process. With you and your children’s best interests we will do everything we can to obtain a child custody order that reflects your needs and life situation. Contact us today to talk about your options and what services we could provide for you and your family.