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Texas fathers in the middle of a divorce need to take steps that protect their legal rights. They must understand that the things they do before a divorce is final may impact their parental rights after the divorce. However, they should not panic or think the worst; the law really is on their side, and they can take steps to protect their rights.

One of the traps that many fathers fall into is trying to be the proverbial “good guy” and conceding to the other parent too often. This may actually be counterproductive as it can establish a pattern that a court may look at in deciding parental time. Fathers do not need to bend over backward to accommodate the other parent because they are equal parents in the eyes of the law.

Many fathers hear stories about other dads and the problems that they have had with the legal system. However, fathers should avoid thinking the worst of the situation and stay positive. At the same time, they need to protect themselves if they are experiencing problems. For example, if the mother has restricted access to the children in any way, the father should document it for the court. They should also make sure to hire an attorney to protect their legal rights. Fathers should not be afraid to stand up for themselves when necessary.

A family law attorney may help their client work toward a solution that protects their rights as a father. Whether this is done through negotiation and collaborative law or it is accomplished through the courts, the attorney may work on behalf of the father to ensure that their rights are respected. The law can work for fathers too, and men who are going through the divorce process need to keep that in mind at all times.