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Generally speaking, women are seen as eager to get married and start families. However, research indicates that they actually ask for majority of divorces in Texas and throughout the nation. One reason is that they are less likely to feel the need to stay with spouses who won’t treat them right. This is partially because they have the financial freedom to leave an abusive spouse or one who commits adultery.

Women who want to focus on their careers may feel that being married is a roadblock on their path to success. In some cases, their husbands may feel jealous or insecure if they are not the breadwinners for their families. A study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that men typically develop psychological distress if they earn less money than their wives. Furthermore, wives may still be expected to do the bulk of the housework and be a child’s primary caregiver while working full-time.

It can be emotionally draining for some women to be married because a man may rely primarily on his wife for emotional support. An inability for individuals to be honest about their feelings can lead to communication issues within a relationship. Ultimately, it can lead to a marriage becoming strained or ending in divorce.

Prior to asking for a divorce, an individual may want to talk with an attorney to learn more about the process of ending a marriage. It may make it possible for a person to learn more about how assets are divided and who might be granted custody of any children a couple has. Having legal assistance may be advisable even if the process is amicable.